About Us

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

In 1981, the Jain family embarked on a remarkable endeavor, giving birth to Jain Engineering Company. Affectionately known as “JECO,” this venture swiftly earned a reputation as a pioneer in the manufacturing of Engine Heads, setting new standards for quality and innovation in the automotive spare parts industry. The legacy of innovation and excellence that the Jain family brought to this enterprise was evident in every meticulously crafted component.

A Global Perspective

Before the establishment of JECO, our business had been a leading importer of Automotive Spare Parts from European countries like the United Kingdom, West Germany, Italy, and many others. We introduced more than 20 globally renowned brands to India and distributed them throughout the country via our extensive network of Channel Partners. This international exposure provided us with a unique perspective and valuable insights into the world of automotive spare parts.

The JECO Brand

Under the brand “JECO,” we not only imported and distributed spare parts but also ventured into manufacturing and marketing Engine Heads throughout India. The “JECO” brand quickly became synonymous with quality, reliability, and precision in the automotive industry. Each Engine Head manufactured under the JECO banner represented the family’s unwavering dedication to precision and commitment to excellence.

Setting New Standards

JECO was not just a company; it was a symbol of pioneering spirit and innovation. It set new standards for the automotive spare parts industry in India. The components crafted under the JECO name were a testament to the family’s commitment to delivering top-notch products to their customers.


Embracing New Horizons

In 2019, Jain Engineering Company took a significant leap forward by becoming the Distributor of Carraro India Limited. This partnership allowed us to offer Carraro’s exceptional axle and transmission systems and their corresponding spare parts. It marked yet another chapter in our commitment to delivering quality and precision to the automotive industry.

The legacy of Jain Engineering Company continues to shape the automotive spare parts industry in India. It’s a story of innovation, precision, and unwavering dedication to excellence that has left an indelible mark in the automotive landscape.

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