Gohana, Haryana: A Tapestry of Tradition and Progress

In the heartland of Haryana lies Gohana, a town with a story woven into its very fabric. As the virtual journey unfolds, the tale of Gohana emerges, blending the threads of tradition and progress seamlessly.

This is the Ancestral Home of the proprietor of Sital Agri Farms and Equipments. The website, named in honor of a Visionary Grandfather Late Shri Sital Prasad Jain whose roots trace back to Gohana, echoes the rich history of this town. Gohana is more than a location; it’s a canvas painted with memories, traditions, and the brushstrokes of progress.

The Story of Gohana is like a well-guarded secret, waiting to be discovered. Each street resonates with narratives, and every face reflects the warmth of community spirit. Join the journey as the tale of Gohana unfolds, where heritage and modernity dance together in a timeless celebration.

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Discover Gohana - Where Heritage Meets Modernity

Ancestral Grounds: Gohana Through the Ages

Gohana history is veiled in ancient mystique, with threads of pilgrimage and folklore woven into its very essence. Ancient texts make a cryptic reference to Gavambhavana, possibly alluding to present-day Gohana. However, the exact significance remains elusive. Two intriguing versions narrate the town’s nomenclature. The first suggests ‘Gohana’ as a fusion of ‘gao’ (village) and ‘hani’ (meaning), while the second contends it to be a blend of ‘gao’ and ‘dahana’ (small water course), the latter holding favor in local dialect.

The Fortunes of Daryapur: Rise and Fall in the 12th Century

Gohana saga further unfolds against the backdrop of the 12th century, where the remnants of a fort, believed to be Daryapur, once stood as the proud seat of Prithviraja Chauhan, the ruler of Delhi. Shattered by the relentless onslaught of Shihab-ud-din Muhammad Gauri during the tumultuous events of the 12th century, the fort witnessed the ebb and flow of power. Initially seized by Taga Brahmans, it gained prominence due to the allure of Rohta or Rohtas Jhil, a tank with a natural spring, marking a pivotal chapter in Gohana historical tapestry.

Traders' Triumph: Tej Singh, Fateh Singh, Dhamar Mal, and Pheru Mal

Gohana’s narrative takes a dramatic turn with the dislodging of the Taga Brahmans by two valorous Rajputs, Tej Singh and Fateh Singh, strategically supported by traders Dhamar Mal and Pheru Mal from Butana. This alliance played a decisive role in reshaping the destiny of Gohana, dislodging the established order and setting the stage for a new era.

The Unfolding Aftermath: Survival and Legacy

As the dust settled, the aftermath revealed intricate details of the traders’ triumph. Dhamar Mal, exhibiting remarkable acumen, not only secured survival but left an indelible mark on Gohana history. Tej Singh and Fateh Singh, the valiant Rajputs, each faced their destiny with resilience, contributing to the town’s transformation. Pheru Mal, in his unique journey, first accepting Islam and later renouncing the world, added a nuanced layer to Gohana’s history, leaving a legacy intertwined with the town’s diverse tapestry.

The Legacy of Raja Dhamar Mal: A Trader's Flourish in Gohana

Gohana, rooted in antiquity, boasts a narrative that intertwines with the footsteps of Raja Dhamar Mal, a luminary trader in the town’s history. In the rich tapestry of Gohana’s past, Raja Dhamar Mal emerges as a pivotal figure, recognized not only for his trading acumen but also for his contributions to the flourishing rights of the community.

Trade Legacies Unveiled: The 25th Generation of Raja Dhamar Mal

Unveiling the tapestry of trade legacies, The proprietor of, Mr. Pankhil Jain, Sital Agri Farms and Equipments proudly embodies the 25th generation to the esteemed Raja Dhamar Mal. Celebrated for his trading prowess, Raja Dhamar Mal played a pivotal role in shaping Gohana identity. This legacy, steeped in the principles of honest trade and community service, stands as a testament to Gohana enduring spirit.

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Gohana Today: A Hub of Agriculture and Progress

Gohana, a flourishing town in contemporary times, stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of agriculture and progress. Nestled amidst the rich fields of Haryana, Gohana has evolved into a vibrant hub where the roots of agriculture run deep, and the branches of progress reach for the sky.

Cultivating Prosperity: Agriculture in the Heart of Gohana

In the verdant heart of Gohana, agriculture has not merely been a tradition but an evolving saga of prosperity, marked by timely innovations that have transformed the landscape. The introduction of tractors and modern harvesting equipment stands as a pivotal chapter in this agricultural narrative.

The hum of engines and the sight of modern tractors have become synonymous with Gohana’s fields. The town boasts a significant population of CNH (Case New Holland) tractors, underscoring the town’s commitment to cutting-edge agricultural technology. The influence of CNH tractors has not only increased efficiency but has also become a symbol of progressive farming practices.

Among the myriad brands dotting Gohana fields, including New Holland, CASE IH, Sonalika, Farmtrac, Mahindra, Same, Swaraj, and others, the prevalence of CNH tractors is particularly notable. The Jain family, a cornerstone of the town’s agricultural landscape, has played a pivotal role in introducing and spreading the use of CNH tractors in the region.

Their unwavering commitment to agricultural excellence has fostered a culture where the tractors’ reliability, advanced features, and robust performance have become integral to Gohana farming community. The modernization of farming practices through the adoption of CNH tractors echoes Gohana dedication to staying at the forefront of agricultural innovation. In this dynamic landscape, tractors not only plow the fields but sow the seeds of prosperity, ensuring Gohana remains a thriving hub of agricultural abundance.

Beyond Fields: Progress Unleashed in Gohana

Gohana’s landscape undergoes a transformative shift as modern infrastructure takes center stage, weaving a network of roads and highways that connect the town to the future. The construction boom is powered by advanced equipment such as backhoe loaders, compactors, motor graders, and excavators, symbolizing Gohana commitment to robust development. Safesparesonline.com, an online platform, ensures the smooth functioning of this machinery by providing easy access to spare parts, facilitating uninterrupted progress.

Amidst this development, Gohana culinary scene shines with Matu Ram Jalebi, a sweet delight that has become a symbol of the town’s gastronomic excellence. Renowned far and wide, Matu Ram Jalebi adds a touch of sweetness to Gohana progress. Simultaneously, the woodcraft industry focuses on crafting elegant frames “chaukhat,” for doors and windows, contributing to the town’s architectural aesthetics. In this symphony of progress, Gohana seamlessly blends its agricultural roots with a modern beat, creating a vibrant tapestry that reflects the town’s dynamic spirit.

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